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If the last post "Community to Can: Turning Summer's Bounty into Winter's Delight With a Little Help from your Community - Links to Canning Classes and Resources Included", got you thinking - get moving now to get your free local blackberries!  This delicious, local treat is in high season.  Your little one will have a purple chin and sticky fingers in a matter of minutes.  You can fill a bucket and dream of blackberry cobbler.
Scott loves my cobbler so much, he agreed to spend a hot morning walking and harvesting berries with me on the Joe Rodota trail.  I was grateful for his willing attitude (even given his stomach's motives), as we hit the trail in celebration of our ten year wedding anniversary.  Do other people hire a babysitter and do these things on significant dates, or are we just fools for homemade dessert?  

Acutally, the Laguna de Santa Rosa always gets my vote for as a dreamy destination. We've made it our special place for taking long walks on Mother's Day, leisurely family bike rides, and getting away for adult power rides for other "dates." Sonoma County locals are truly blessed to have this huge, natural lagoon in our backyard. Joe Rodota's paved, flat trails cut quietly through wildflowers and expanses of open fields. Cranes, dragonflys, and finches dart about. Lizards laze on boulders, and squirrels scatter as people stroll by.

This piece of wild world crowds out the distractions of modern civilization.  It's just the peace I need to quiet my soul and realign my priorities.  Priorities like nurturing my relationship with nature.  Finding more blissful moments with my husband....  and making the time to feed my family slow food - like gooey blackberry cobbler... Convinced?  Here's a recipe link that is sure to delight!


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