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The Press Democrat reported on Sunday that Michael Moore's new movie stole the show at Wine Country Film Festival, surprisingly omitting that local bread cooperative Alvarado Street Bakery is featured in the film.  Allow me, wife of one of said bakery's cooperative members, to shout from the mountaintops that a "Parent's Nite Out" is in order.  When the film opens October 2, call the sitter, organize a trade with another family, or call in the grandparents to get ready for buttery popcorn and holding (greasy) hands in the dark. 

Catch "Capitalism" Here:

Petaluma Boulevard Cinemas
200 C Street (at Petaluma Boulevard), Petaluma, (707) 762-7469

Rialto Cinemas Lakeside
551 Summerfield Rd, Santa Rosa, (707) 525-4840

While Mr. Moore can be controversial, his core messages resonate with most families: America needs to reset national priorities to include paying workers a living wage while providing good health care coverage. Alvarado Street Bakery exemplifies these family-benefiting values. This local, organic cooperative is best known for its sprouted wheat breads and its smiling, orange cat logo.

Why did Michael Moore Choose ASB
(excerpts reprinted from earlier article)

Alvarado Street Bakery (ASB), now based in Petaluma, is a "global supplier of certified organic, whole grain breads and bagels made with sprouted wheat." This local company started out in the late 70's as an offshoot of a nonprofit that also housed Santa Rosa's Community Market. The company continues to thrive today through employing more than 100 employees in Sonoma County. (To read more history click here.)

Our family can attest to this amazing company's commitment to its employees. ASB provides us with a terrific, low-cost health care plan (a PPO that includes acupuncture and covered our son's birth at the Women's Health and Birth Center), quarterly gain sharing bonuses, a living wage, input into company operations through its cooperative structure, and the opportunity to own a share of the company through its membership program.  Annual family picnics are also something to rave about - including a day at Safari West earlier this year.

My husband has worked for this company for more than 15 years - and he is considered a "short timer." Employees stick with this company as it truly IS a company that creates a quality product with consideration for our world and its employees.

Not only is this company unique in its outstanding consciousness, it also produces great bread! ASB families trade recipes about the best way to use ASB products. One family swears that sprouted breads make the best grilled cheese. Our family loves to make French toast casserole out of the Cinnamon Raisin breads (click here for recipe). Many of our kids gorge on the bagels and eat daily sandwiches on the "Ultimate Kids Bread."

ASB families bring home fresh bread at the end of their shifts, but other Sonoma County families can always find this bread at Andy's Market, Community Market, Fiesta Markets, Whole Foods, Oliver's, Trader Joe's (Essential Flax Seed), and other conventional markets. The product is shipped as far as Japan, so people can actually grab a slice of the smiling cat bread just about anywhere. 

Just don't try to sneak a loaf in your purse when you go see the film - ASB stands out!


  1. Julie // September 22, 2009 at 4:02 PM  

    Thank you, Holly! This is a great article. See you at the movies!

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