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Bryles and I resolve to get back to our peaceful, happy rhythm with the dawn of 2010.  Our usual Monday Morning, inspired by the lessons of Heaven on Earth, should look like this:

5:00 Wake up - Yoga and Candles
5:30  First Breakfast - coffee and paper for mommy
6:00  Wool Working
7:00  Make Beds, Clean Kitchen, Plan Dinner
9:00  Second Breakfast - eggs
9:30  Get outside for play
11:00  Come in for lunch
11:30  Books and nap

Today was not quite that kind of day... However, we did exercise, eat, and get outdoors albiet in a somewhat unconvential way.

Bryles was up early this morning - ready to rock and roll by 4:45 am.  He rifled through my old CD collection, and landed on "the pretty rainbow" CD - U2's Discotheque.  The thumping music got him jumping, and he asked me to "dance around" with him.  Who needs yoga when you can work up a sweat spinning to a soundtrack that hasn't been played since your high school days?

The paper delivery guy did not deliver our paper as early as we found our way to the breakfast table, leaving me to drink my coffee with only half of the elements of my normal morning ritual.  With no news stories to steal my focus, Bryles decided I was free to be his playmate.  He again called me to the living room floor to make a dozer out of the couch cushions and living room table.  He reveled in my attention, and I realized how much Christmas crafting consumed me during the past few months.  Bryles needed that mommy time!

I finally tore myself away to make the beds.  Bryles happily played "mouse house" by hiding under the blankets and pillows, but stopped me in my tracks when I tried to make his new doll's bed.  "I make Kris' bed!" he exclaimed.  Oh my OCD, as I watched him try, unsuccessfully, to straighten the little sheets.  Still, I want him to learn these lessons of caring for others and housekeeping, so I forced myself to stand back.  I watched as he tucked and plumped the bedding, then carefully arranged Kris' little shoes under the bed frame. 

Suddenly interested in the doll I spent almost a year crafting for him, he asked me to help get Kris dressed.  I watched as Bryles instructed Kris to "keep his arms down" as he slid the overalls on his shoulders, and again stood in awe of the intense level of detail that children mimic.  He is learning so much at just three years old. Bryles donned Kris in a wool hat, sweater, and elf boots all made for him as baby gifts, but now reconfigured for a new life as Kris' garments.  Dressing this doll became both a trip down memory lane and a glance at the future young man my boy is becoming.

With Kris dressed warmly, I decided to suggest to Bryles that we all put on warm clothes and get outside.  We haven't been sticking to our daily goal of getting outdoors, and I knew this would be a hard sale.  Confession?  I lured him out the front door with a smushed fruit roll, but I got us both out there!  Scissors in hand, we took a walk through our garden with plans to snip off some of the frost damaged tips of our plants.  Bryles loves to use scissors, and the important job of plant care kept him rapt for a time.  Then he found sour grass and began tasting the different clumps springing up in our flower beds.  I weeded for a bit, allowing the wintry garden to dictate our focus. 

Suddenly Bryles cried out "Lichen, Mommy!"  With a bundle of bark, moss, and lichen in hand, he stood in awe.  Yes!  Back to our Monday wool theme.  I've had it in mind to begin collecting lichen to dye a batch of wool.  My tiny apprentice side kick is proving he's been learning well under the wing of our fiber teacher and her wild crafted dyes.

We both bent to the ground to look for more greens, when we discovered we were surrounded by tiny little mushroom stools.  Such lovely, delicate, hidden treasures - we needed to get the camera to share.  We spent the rest of the morning playing "I Spy" in the Winter Garden delighting in all the signs of life emerging from the decay of fallen leaves, broken branches, and moist soil.   Take a moment to see the photo story of what we discovered.  You might even be inspired to get the outdoors back in your routine too!

Slideshow link here.

Inspired to hunt for your own edible mushrooms?  Check out the Sonoma Garden's recent article on mushroom hunting on the Sonoma Coast!  Want to buy locally grown mushrooms?  Hit the Santa Rosa's Farmers market!


  1. Nina // January 6, 2010 at 1:33 PM  

    Totally loved this post. Thanks for keeping me remembering the important things.

  2. Anonymous // February 11, 2010 at 8:55 AM  

    aahhh...what a reminder that we are all working a wonderful path together. Sounds like our lazy days...

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