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Meet Cathy - a local Santa Rosa mom and stellar authoress of "Waldorf Modern." 

"Curated by Cathy, mom to two daughters and wife of a computer programmer. Z is 8, and Bean is 4. We have a mid century ranch house, a garden in the back, and Waldorf modern inside."
Cathy's modern perspectives, humor, and visual insights of the traditional Waldorf world captivate readers and inspire many to explore integrating Waldorf philosophies and parenting in current times. With article posts ranging from topics such as interesting reads, hand crafts with children, to creating a rhythmic weekly meal plan, juicy tidbits abound. Top that off with Cathy's decorating style - featured on Soule Mamma and Apartment Therapy, and you'll find yourself hitting her "subscribe" button.

I invite you to sample "Waldorf Modern" today through Sono-Ma's first guest blog post. Read on and allow Cathy to inspire you to discover Kim John Payne and his renowned parenting philosophies.

"Kim John Payne in Santa Rosa March 23"

Summerfield Waldorf School in Santa Rosa is hosting a talk from Kim John Payne the evening of March 23. This year he is speaking about Teens and Tweens: The Power of the Peer Group. Even though my children have a ways to go until they are teenagers, I will be attending.

Oh no, my oldest is almost a 'tween.' Heaven help me.

Tickets to the event are $10 and available at Summerfield or Copperfields stores. Copies of Simplicity Parenting will be available at the event, and a book signing will follow the talk. I have had the pleasure of hearing Kim speak at Summerfield the last couple of years on Simplicity Parenting and the Soul of Discipline. The last talk was so packed, I sat on the floor.

His calendar lists his speaking engagements, so if you are not in the vicinity of Sonoma County, I hope you can find another talk to attend. If not, audio cds of his talks are available for purchase, and other audio interviews and articles are listed on the new Simplicity Parenting site.


Check out Kim John Payne's site for specific, immediate tips you can use such as his five steps for simplifying! 

Then be sure to wander over to Cathy's blog for more great Waldorf resources including:  "Links:  Waldorf Web Resources"   You'll find thought provoking and practical tips with both Waldorf Modern and Kim John Payne.


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