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Rainy days may keep families indoors more often than usual. Families can make the most of this time with a good craft and science experiment, and why not choose an activity that reflects the wet season? Build a frog or toad house with your child and let the adventures unfold.

How to Build a Frog or Toad House

1. Find a damp, sheltered corner of your garden (i.e. a shady corner with lots of low growing plants)

2. Turn a pot (or other vessel) on its side, and fill the bottom with dirt. (E How Offers a nice "how to" with a milk jug.)

3. If the ground is not consistently moist in this area, consider making a small "pond" out of a shallow dish of water or by burying an old yogurt container in the ground and filling it with water.

4. Wait. "If you build it, they will come." It can take a day, week, or a year, but they will come! (You can always make a paper jumping frog like this one from to test out your frog habitat until a live frog checks out the real estate.) We added "toadstool" mushrooms - a sure frog favorite - to decorate our dwelling and add to the fun.

Books About Frogs and Toads

In between running out to the garden to see if your new froggy friend decided to move in yet, snuggle up on the couch with a few good frog books.
The Frog and Toad Treasury

*   Frog and Toad books by Arnold Lobel

*   Jan Brett's the Umbrella

Visit a Frog Habitat - Singing Frogs Farm

Singing Frogs is a certified "Bee Friendly" and "Beyond Organic" farm, and home to hundreds of frogs who live on the edges of the many reservoirs and creeks on the property. Join Singing Frogs this Sunday, March 7th or Saturday, March 13th from 10 am until noon for a fun, informational and very inspiring Tour of Singing Frogs Farm! The tour is free for 2010 CSA (farm share) members and $5 for community members. Sign up for your family's farm share and your tour fee goes toward your CSA membership. Call 829-1389 for more information.


  1. Sono-Ma: Holly White-Wolfe // March 9, 2010 at 1:38 PM  

    We had so much fun at Singing Frogs tour on Sunday! We are thrilled to be members again in 2010, and look forward to much more fun on the farm. To take your own tour and/ or sign up to be a member, join in Saturday's farm tour.

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