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Don’t you just love the way the sun and birds call you outside to the garden on Spring mornings?

Last year Bryles and I spent several hours shelling and sorting Fava beans. Even my active then two year old was content to sit and shell for a long duration as the sun warmed our backs and the yellow finches darted about our garden….

This year, we filled our garden beds with peas in the late winter. Bugs and harsh weather took their toll on our on the tender plants in those early months of the year, but the peas’ tendrils are now clinging tightly to our trellis.

My neighbor, amazing do-it-yourself-woman, Sharon Eisley, is busy erecting trellises of her own creation in her yard. Using the branches she trims from her apple and other trees, she creates amazing bent wood trellises that always cause me to stop and exclaim over their beauty.

Sharon started roses on this trellis, although I bet she's got peas planted at the base.

This tree's base is now surrounded by a tipi style trellis with sweet peas climbing up the sides.  We've had great fun hiding inside reading books and having picnics with the kids.

I haven't caught Sharon on video constructing her trellises, but this short "how to" shares how to easily construct such beautiful garden made trellises.

Nasturtiums are flourishing in our kitchen garden. I’m inspired to try mixing a few into a homemade butter recipe after reading this article on Going Local: “Noshing on Nasturtiums.”




 (photo shared via the generous Victoria Wesseler of Going Local)
Maybe I’ll see if my raw milk friends at the Leras Family farm have some extra cream for me this week.

If you are inspired to get gardening this year, be sure to check out a few of our amazing local resources. A Sonoma Garden offers lovely photos, detailed instructions, and inspiring ideas for families. I especially enjoy the tips they provide in their “30 Days to a Better Garden” article.
Health Action’s igrow is another helpful website. Find:

  • "how to start your own food garden – anywhere
  • tips for growing food all year in Sonoma County
  • how to find a community garden near you
  • a calendar of classes and events for growing and sharing food
  • how to find resources and support for food growing
  • how to find local sources of healthy food" (via


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