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(Illustrations by Molly Idle)

My Changing Planet – Music and Spoken Word CD and Interactive Website

Is that Joan Osborne I hear? What’s this story about a boy who upcycles or recycles his family’s trash so he never has to spend his allowance? Am I dancing to a song about watching what gets thrown in the garbage? Yes! It’s all a part of the fun of “My Changing Planet!”

“Through music, stories and the Web, My Changing Planet teaches, guides, inspires and empowers kids to make important changes in their homes and in their communities, and to join with kids from all over the world in taking an active role in protecting their future.” (via )

This wonderful collection will have the whole family singing along or smiling. “My Changing Planet” combines the passion of four creative mothers, popular singer song writers, and earth education delivered in a highly appealing and entertaining format.  Read more about the local moms who developed this CD here

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