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Mother's Day offers the opportunity to celebrate the women in your lives that nourish, champion, sustain, and support you. Be it your mother, grandmother, a mentor you think of as a surrogate mother, or the sister you want to recognize for her fantastic mothering abilities, there's bound to be a woman in your life that would appreciate the profession of your love and gratitude.  

Mother's Day may also be your day, and your family may need help thinking of special ways to thank you.  For the next ten days, Sono-Ma will feature a collection of Sonoma County local, unique ideas to inspire celebrating moms - use it for your own shopping list or print it out and leave it where a loved one might catch a hint of what you are hoping for!  

Tip # 1:

1.)  Chocolates by Socola Chocolatier

Socola Chocolates are the creative work of two sisters, Susan and Wendy, who are graduates of Santa Rosa's Maria Carillo High School.  Starting off with truffle sales at the Santa Rosa's Farmer's Markets, these girls are now one of the hottest chocolatier boutiques.  Even Chef Morimoto has given these handmade, locally sourced, uniquely flavored chocolates a thumbs up!  
The Mother's Day selection includes flavors such as: Jasmine Tea, Pretty in Pear, Yuzu Ginger, and Burnt Baby Burnt in the Delicate Dozen, a 12-piece Assortment, you can  place an order by clicking here. Order by May 5, 2010 to ensure delivery by Mother's Day.

More Tips:

Want to see the other nine tips now?  Head over to the Sonoma County Parenting Examiner to view the complete list today!


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