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Happy first day of Spring, dear friends!  Monica Ashley, local mother and designer provides us with a lovely visual for the sweet spring season that bounds off today - a Spring Table featuring a felted Peter Rabbit and colorful Easter eggs.  Monica crafted Peter using wool roving and felting needles, while she formed her festive eggs by wet felting wool.  You, too, can learn to craft such whimsical creations through one of Monica's felting courses - visit her blogspot often for information about upcoming classes!

Monica's work inspired me to try my hand at making bunnies and eggs...  I combined the two concepts and made a Victorian style panoramic Easter Egg with a bunny's face inside:

Bunnies and eggs aren't the only signs of spring.  A blanket of color now covers our garden floor, and blooms are ready for picking.  Monica used her talents for mixing colors and textures with these garden beauties as well, crafting beguiling arrangements for the tables at Summerfield's recent Farm Dance fundraiser.

Take your child's hand and head outdoors to discover Spring for yourselves.  Remember to take a basket to gather a few treasures for your family table. 


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