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This little angel flew down to earth a little over a week ago... While my sister and I brought to life three little vivacious boys, it took one of my little brothers to bring a precious baby girl to this world. 

Gracie's coming gave me my first opportunity to give back to my siblings some of the amazing support they've offered me as a new mom and Auntie.  I especially wanted to "give back" some of the amazing help my sister, Becky, gave me to help me transition into motherhood.  From role modeling amazing motherings skills as she first walked the road of motherhood, to endless phone sessions coaching me through pregnancy, to two amazing baby showers, to help decorating my nursery, to holding my hand while I labored, to cutting Bryles's cord, my sister became my mentor and closest friend. 

Later, as I struggled with the enormous changes of motherhood and tremendous feelings of overwhelm, my sister again tried to help me through tough moments.  Her experience as a mother for three years before I could claim that title were invaluable to me. I vowed early on that I would someday try to offer such support to another new mom...  It wasn't long until one of my brother's gave me just such an opportunity.

When I found out Steve and Kathy were expecting I immediately focused all of my crafting activities on their soon to arrive little one.  I found Betz White's pattern for a cashmere puppy, sat Bryles on my lap and started sewing.  While we worked, I told Bryles all about the cousin he was about to gain.  He happily helped me work, and from that day forward he made every art project a gift for Auntie Kathy's baby.

Later, my sister and I got together to make plans to give Kathy a baby shower.  We both adore Kathy and have always especially appreciated her as she is the driving force that keeps our brother Steve connected to our families.  Kathy ensures that they visit frequently and that they send our boys thoughtful holiday and birthday gifts.  This is a role my sister and I often play in our husband's lives, and we just loved that Kathy shares our family-centered values.  We were eager to return some of the love she's "showered" on us by planning the most fantastic shower ever.

In one of our first adult collaborative projects, Becky and I got our boys playing while we hand made ellaborate shower invitations, and planned new mommy games.  Later, I used a Princess Lasertron inspiration to sew a dozen recycled sweater flowers as one of our party props.  Each activity gave me a chance to make something I tried to infuse with love and blessings for Kathy, Steve, and their new baby.

Shopping for the new baby girl also became my favorite obsession.  There is nothing so heart warming as picking up a tiny pink outfit or finding some hand-made flowery object to add to a baby girl's nursery.  Erin Hallinan's flower pennants were just one of the things that found their way into the basket of items I amassed for my soon to be niece.

When Kathy's shower date finally arrived, I again found myself reflecting on how becoming a parent brings people together.  From Kathy's mom, to her sister, to my sister and me, to the dozen other ladies that showed up arms laden with gifts, I could see that all of these moms shared my desire to help welcome Kathy to the world of mothering.  Mothering is all about giving, and we all felt inspired to give Kathy some of the love she'd soon be pouring out in her own role as mother.  We were more than happy to spoil her with her favorite cupcakes, flowers (from Dragonfly Floral!), and gifts.  Besides, welcoming a new mom allows veteran moms to recall their own children's birth.  Smiles and tears flowed freely at this shower!


While it was once my parents who brought my siblings and me together, it is the experience of parenting that now connects us. Holidays, first tee ball games, and - of course - births give us new occasion to come together, celebrate, and support each other. It's a magical thing to watch my little brother hold his new baby and transform into a father.  Kathy and little Gracie are also now permanently bonded to our family. 

I am blessed that my sister and brothers remain an active part of my life, and I am honored to serve as Auntie to their beautiful, spirit-filled children. I look forward to every new occasion that brings us together!


  1. Lorrie // March 29, 2010 at 1:43 PM  

    Aaaahh, that was such a sweet posting. Thank you for the nice things you said about Kathy.

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